iTRAK Fleet Executive Product Suite (Beta)

The iTRAK Fleet Executive Product Suite represents a new 'cloud computing' approach to accessing your fleet's position data; using more powerful on-line tools, with increased functionality and exciting new features, such as satellite map overlays, fuel use reporting, seamless international mapping, and filtered Fleet Status information.  Click here to go to an online video demo!

iFEsample.jpg iFEsample.jpg iRMsample.jpg

iTRAK Fleet Executive™ provides:

  • New Google Maps interfaceThe system supports Google Maps with  new features such as:
    • High resolution Satellite overlays
    • 3D Google-Earth, and Street View interfaces
    • Tree based vehicle management
    • Traffic overlays for selected areas
    • Weather overlays
    • Point to Point Routing and directions interface
    • Improved geocoding

  • Real-time and historical map modes – So you can see where your fleet is at right now, or where they have been.

  • iTRAK Report Manager – Provides automated report generation on your local computer system or via email as after-hours reports, with with outputs in Excel, PDF and text files, and with new report formats such as our Fuel Cost report.

  • iTRAK Fleet StatusProvides sorted fleet status information for quick determination of your most important fleet activity.

  • Independent operation The applications can run independently or together, depending upon your needs.  They can also be distributed as independent Windows .NET applications, at the customer's request.

  • World-wide Coverage – International maps and network connectivity cover North America and beyond.

  • Multi-lingual user interfaces – In English and Spanish, with French available in the near future.

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