Server Operations

iTRAK Fleet Manager™
servers are located at the Company’s Network Operations Center (NOC) in Woodland Park, Colorado.

The NOC was designed and built using the latest, robust, telco-grade components available. All critical elements are redundant, and where necessary, are programmed to automatically switch in the event of component failure. Power systems are specified to withstand electrical failures, brownouts, and temporary voltage surges.

The iTRAK Fleet Manager applications run on redundant, high-end server clusters with parallel processors, redundant power supplies, and RAID-5 disk storage arrays. To ensure high availability, the facility supports multiple, redundant, T1 trunks to the Internet, with automatic failover, as well as redundant firewalls, switches, and gateway components.

In addition, all systems are monitored 24x7 for out-of-bounds conditions, and numerous automatic processes are run constantly to ensure high reliability.










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