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April 2009 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Georgia Power Company
Expanding and Supporting iTRAK Fleet Manager™
Tech Corner – Polling vs. Event-based Tracking
Who’s Who at iTRAK

March 2009 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Alabama Department of Corrections
Perspective on ROI – "What would happen if…"
Did You Know – Latest IRS Rules Encourage Equipment Purchases
Who’s Who at iTRAK

February 2009 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Overhead Door Company of Brunswick
Product Highlight – 'Fleet Squirrel' from Future Quest Wireless
Did You Know – Facts about iTRAK
Who’s Who at iTRAK

January 2009 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Rodgers Plumbing & Heating, Inc.
Feature Highlight – Creating and Managing 'Landmarks'
Technical Tips – Optimizing your iTRAK Fleet Manager Experience
Who’s Who at iTRAK

December 2008 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Tumino's Towing, Inc.
Partner Profile – OnScene Solutions, LLC
Industry News – Insurance Discounts for Tracking!
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November 2008 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Harbin Lumber Company
Lease iTRAK Hardware to Conserve Cash and Accelerate ROI!
Technical Tip – Tracking on Handsets vs. Installed "Black Boxes"
Who’s Who at iTRAK

October 2008 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Affiliated Auto Glass
What’s New – iTRAK Report Manager™ Now Available!
Technical Tip – Installing iTRAK in Vehicles
Who’s Who at iTRAK

September 2008 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Residential Elevators
Product Highlight – FleetFinder™
Technical Tip – Identifying Devices by Names, Aliases, and Icons
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August 2008 Issue
Customer Spotlight - VHS Transportation
Feature Highlight - Fleet Status Summary
Industry News – Stiff Penalties Increase for Engine Idling
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July 2008 Issue
Customer Spotlight
– Cash Register Services
Product Highlight – iTRAK Call Commander™ “Hands Free Voice Option”
Tech Corner – GPS Mileage vs. Odometer Mileage
Sales Corner – Using GPS to Combat Rising Fuel Prices
Who’s Who at iTRAK

June 2008 Issue
Customer Spotlight – Suit-Kote Corporation
Product Update – iTRAK Messenger™
Feature Highlight – GeoFences
Interesting Facts about GPS
Who’s Who at iTRAK

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Press Releases

October 23, 2008 -
iTRAK Report Manager™ simplifies fleet operations by generating after-hours, automated fleet reports

August 22, 2008 -
iTRAK Call Commander™ option adds safe and cost-effective voice communications to iTRAK Fleet Tracking System

April 8, 2008 -
iTRAK Messenger™ adds email capability to tracking system

August 15, 2007 -
iTRAK Releases New Fleetfinder™ Application Giving Field Supervisors Quick Access to Fleet Movements

February 6, 2007 -
Data Burst Technologies is now iTRAK Corporation

May 1, 2006 -
Data Burst Technologies Unveils New iTRAK Fleet Manager™








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