iTRAK GPS VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM - Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long has iTRAK Corporation been in the GPS industry?
iTRAK Corporation has been in the GPS tracking business since 1995, and holds patent protection on key inventions that it has employed in the construction of iTRAK® hardware and iTRAK Fleet Manager™ application software.

2) Why is it important that iTRAK Corporation builds GPS hardware?
Since the company designs and builds its own GPS tracking hardware, it has been able to add features and functionality to optimize the entire tracking process; whereas companies buying tracking hardware from outside manufacturers are constrained by the limitations of that third-party hardware.

3)  Besides position data, what else can I monitor with iTRAK?
Multiple input/output ports (3 inputs, 2 trigger outputs) on the iTRAKpro tracking module allow collection of vehicle/sensor data that signals alerts for defined events (e.g., over speed, excessive idle, doors open/closed) or out-of-bounds sensor data.

4)  How reliable is the transmission of data over the cellular network?
All data sent by iTRAK is electronically acknowledged by the iTRAK server. If no acknowledgement is received, data is retransmitted, so no data is ever lost. This capability is a strong differentiator between iTRAK Fleet Manager and other GPS systems that assume all transmitted data is reliably received.

5) What happens if I travel out of cellular coverage?
The iTRAK mobile device is constantly checking to see if it is in or out of data coverage. If the device is out of coverage at the moment when data is ready to be transmitted, the data is held until the device returns to coverage. Data needs far less coverage than voice for successful transmission, so most out-of-coverage conditions are short-lived. In extreme cases, more than 2,000 positions can be stored until the vehicle returns to coverage.

6)  If my company has the expertise to manage in-house servers, can we buy iTRAK Fleet Manager and run it ourselves?
As an option for larger companies, iTRAK Fleet Manager can be delivered as an in-house system, with no monthly tracking fees. You can also start off using our hosted system in Colorado, and migrate to an in-house server at a later date.

7)  Is there any way to use information collected by iTRAK with my existing dispatch software or other key application?
iTRAK Corporation will provide its Application Programming Interface (API) to customers or their software vendors at no charge (under a Nondisclosure Agreement), allowing full integration with market leading software packages. The API documentation describes the interface used to automatically extract stored position data directly from the iTRAK Fleet Manager server.

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