iTRAK GPS VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM - Benefits of GPS vehicle tracking

Benefits of GPS Vehicle Tracking

  • Increased Productivity/Reduction in Fuel Costs -- Find closest vehicle to respond to a service call.

  • Compliance with Programmed Routes -- Ensure drivers do not deviate from authorized route; view entire movement history.

  • Better Customer Service/Customer Retention -- Locate customer shipments for callers wanting to know delivery status.

  • Driver Accountability -- Verify that drivers met expected appointments or service calls.

  • Reduction in Unauthorized Vehicle Use -- Monitor personal use of take-home vehicles; Eliminate moonlighting activities.

  • Decrease in Speed/Increase in Personnel Safety -- Reward good drivers for compliance with company policies and traffic laws.

  • Lower Insurance Rates -- Accurately document where all vehicles are at all times; Reject frivolous property damage claims.

  • Complete Historical Record of Fleet Activities -- View, print, or save reports at any time.

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