Activity Reports

All reports are created on demand, plus can be printed or saved as Excel files for simple archiving or post-processing. In all reports, a right click on any position generates a new map view, with the chosen position centered on the map.

Reports accessible at NO ADDITIONAL COST include the following:

  • Fleet Summary: Display that shows all active units in tabular form. From this continuously updated report, click on any unit to show that unit’s last reported position on the map.
  • Activity Report: Indicates all movement, starts, stops, and sensor trigger inputs.
  • Summary Report: Showing first movement and last movement of the day, plus a summary of work time and stopped time.
  • Stop Report: Indicates every address (or user-defined landmark) where vehicle stopped for more than preset time (default = 2 minutes), including length of stop and distance from prior stop.
  • State/Province Report: Indicates mileage and time spent in each U.S. state, Canadian province, or Mexican estado.
  • Landmark Report: Indicates all visits to any user-defined Landmark. This report can also be set to show when vehicle passes “near” a landmark without stopping.
  • Over Speed Report: Shows location of any data point where vehicle exceeded a pre-defined speed value (speed threshold can be set at time of report creation).
Real-time Status Alerts:Through the iTRAK Fleet Manager™ web site, users can configure a number of different types of alerts. Most alerts can be set up with two thresholds-when the first threshold is met, for example, the vehicle icon starts blinking; when the second threshold is met, an email is sent to a prescribed address.
Frequently used alerts include the Over Speed Alert, Excessive Stop Time Alert, and Excessive Idle Alert. The Excessive Idle Alert uses simple Boolean logic to determine when a unit has been stopped in one location for a certain amount of time (set by user) while vehicle's ignition is on. (This option requires a single wire connection between the iTRAK mobile device and the vehicle's ignition switch.) If both of these conditions are true, then the Excessive Idle Alert is triggered, either in the form of a blinking icon, an automated email message, or both.

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